Enfield Highway Community Centre, 117 Hertford Road, ENFIELD, EN3 5JF Full UK Address and Postcode Information

Full Postal Address

Enfield Highway Community Centre
117 Hertford Road
Telephone: 0*
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EN3 5JF Postcode Information

AreaEN • Enfield Download EN Address List » View Area EN »
DistrictEN3 Download EN3 Address List » View District EN3 »
SectorEN3 5 Download EN3 5 Address List » View Sector EN3 5 »
UnitEN3 5JF Download EN3 5JF Address List » View Unit EN3 5JF »
Addresses11 total (4 residential / 7 business)
CountryEnfield Highway
District(pseudo) England (UA/MD/LB)
CoordinatesLat: 51.656555 • Long: -0.047112
ConstituencyEnfield North
MPJoan Ryan (Labour)

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Tel: 0

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